How To Pick A Boat

Look at the cost. This is the first thing to consider about a boat. Typically, people buy their s replacement value is $50,000 you can generally expect to pay between $5,000 and $7,500 per year in maintenance and slip fees. The range is given because if you trailer your boat, you will likely spend around 10%.


If it is kept in the water, you have added expenses of slip fees, hull cleaning, and every 2-3 years a bottom job . This rule of 10-15% does not include fuel usage. You will also need to keep in mind boats are tremendously inefficient gas or diesel users because they push the water out of the way. Ask yourself what you are going to use the boat for.

Now that you have determined what your future budget will allow, determine what you want to do on your boat. Most boats can be narrowed down to the following uses: Fishing , and luxury yachting. Decide where you will use your boat. You will also need to figure out if you will primarily be on a lake/river or on the ocean , and galleys. The luxury yacht will typically cost you over $1 Million to buy new. You can certainly use many of the above listed boats to go out to sea, but the luxury yacht will provide comfort and security of size

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