Our Operators And Crew Are Responsible

Safety is our number one priority. We want our Operators and crew to be responsible for their actions and respectful of our fellow boaters, anglers, kayakers, rowers, marinas, etc.


Earning the Pennsylvania Boating Safety Education certification is a good way to learn the rules of the river and the basics of boating. We recommend that everyone take this course and become certified boaters!

We REQUIRE that anyone interested in Operating (driving) the boat who was born after January 1, 1982, be certified and have the card with them on the day of their rental. Boat Pittsburgh is the premier pontoon boat rental on the Three Rivers.

It’s true and it’s aboat time! You can rent a boat, cruise around and chart your own course. Invite some friends and family. Wow your out-of-town guests with our stunning skyline views. Watch a Pirates home game and sip a beer on a boat.

It’s your adventure. Are you ready, Pittsburgh? To our frequent floaters, we’ve up’ed the ante this season with online booking. (crowd cheers) No more waiting for a call back, my friends.

In addition, we are offering only half (4-hr) and full day (8-hr) rentals this season and holiday pricing has been reduced. Book soon, you know how quickly the schedule fills up… Looking forward to another great summer!

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