Hire A Captain Or Captain The Boat Yourself

Most boats are relatively simple to operate, although state regulations regarding powerboat operator licensing and certification may apply. A dock attendant will provide brief boating instructions to you before you set out. Consult your state Department of Natural Resources for listings of rental operations.


If you are not comfortable driving the boat yourself, most rental facilities will either provide you with a captain (charter) or recommend one for you. Renting is a great way to compare boat types and models before deciding which boat to buy. Make sure the boat is durable to tides and is spacious enough ! Decide where you want to go and what kind of boat you want to rent.

Boat rentals come in a variety of forms, from hourly and daily rentals to weeks-long charters. Rental operations may not offer a wide range of boat models, but they can provide a range of boat types for you to try. Rental fleets tend toward basic models, nevertheless, they can give you and your family a sample of the boating fun waiting for you on the water, and they are a great way to get your feet wet. Make reservations. You may have no problem reserving a rental boat but if you are renting in peak season, reservations may be necessary to ensure the boat you want will be available for you.

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