Plan Your Route In Advance For Longer Trips

You can find most charts online and it will help if you have a working knowledge of the body of water before hand. If you’re considering a “bareboat” charter, especially in saltwater, where you are the captain, you must meet basic standards the companies set for experience and competence on the size and type of boat you’d like to charter.


Consult the company you’re considering chartering from for policies. Review boat safety procedures. Especially if you have children on board. You should always have an emergency float plan. It’s the deckboat you’ve been dreaming about. Top-notch performance makes the Star Step deckboat by Starcraft stand out from everything else on the water.

Highlights include luxurious seating, an over-sized swim platform and clean, contemporary styling. Stay out all day. There’s a time to relax, and there’s a time to revel in the boating experience. With a smooth ride and plenty of space, a deckboat lets you enjoy the open water your way. And, the feature-packed interior and affordable price of the Coastal Outboard by Starcraft let you make the most of every minute – and every dollar.

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